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Attract the Generation Y - with Modern Workplace Communication Technologies
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Workplace Communication Technologies

Thinking about a change in your communication infrastructure? Assessing your current workplace communication technologies and wondering if they are up to the expectations of the Generation Y workforce that is entering the job market?

Workplace Communication Technologies

You are absolutely right if you are thinking about taking advantage of what the Generation Y has to offer. Realizing the potential benefits of enabling Generation Y employees to perform at their best, Forward-thinking organizations are already starting to provide workplaces with business communication technology that match their needs. In return, these organizations gain highly motivated, talented employees who display a number of important attributes.

As digital natives who've grown up in a hyper-connected world, Generation Y employees are adept at using technology.

They're also natural team players who enjoy working collaboratively, making Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) environments their "natural habitat".

So how can you ensure to provide a flexible, engaging workplace - with modern workplace communication technology - that will attract and keep the highest quality employees?

Fujitsu has the size, technology and expertise to help companies get the most out of their collaboration infrastructure and workplace communication technology. We are a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and have highly qualified specialists and extensive experience with Microsoft collaboration technologies like Microsoft Lync, which we started to introduce as a new pilot solution on top of the existing in-house Microsoft software eco-system like Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SharePoint. This forms a complete UC&C solution stack to gain user experience & acceptance. Innovative front-end devices like selected models of the Fujitsu PC ESPRIMO series offer the so called Low Power Active Mode which enables the device to replace a traditional telephone and to enable new usage scenarios.

That's why we at Fujitsu can help.

Get in touch today to see how Fujitsu can help you with its products and services to find the right workplace communication technology for your business.

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