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Virtualization Security Solutions

Interested in the benefits of workplace virtualization but worried about possible security issues and not finding the right virtualization security solutions for your business?

Find the Right Virtualization Security Solutions

Managing today's workplace infrastructure is an increasingly complex task. IT managers face cost control, security, mobility and consumerization challenges - especially with the rising popularity of BYOD (bring your own device). Virtualization is an effective way of meeting these progressively more diverse demands. It also allows companies to reduce management effort and costs, increase flexibility and enhance service quality across varied user roles.

Also, the fact that all data is hosted centrally eliminates the risk of data theft. Data backup no longer depends on the end user, thus minimizing the risk of data loss and improving IT security.

However, there are still some security pitfalls, and a trusted partner may help you avoid them by implementing and supporting efficient virtualization security solutions!

So how do you find the right strategic partner for your virtualization strategy for your business and the security issues this may entail?

No matter which virtualization technologies are ideally suited for the customer's specific objectives, Fujitsu will provide a virtual client computing solution from a single source for the dynamic workspaces of your end users.

Fujitsu's infrastructure products for the data center, such as FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY and FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS, represent an excellent basis for this purpose. These products, as well as the access devices used in this context are certified for all market-leading virtualization products, and have proven success in innumerable virtualization projects.

At Fujitsu, we take compliance, security and privacy issues very seriously and develop technologies to solve them. Our holistic security concept, avoids single points of failure because the cloud services are provided from various standardized locations that are configured to deliver high availability, and certified security - for example TÜV Level 4 (physical data security), ISO 27001 (and others), and BSI certifications - ensures adherence to the most stringent security and compliance standards.

That's why we at Fujitsu can help.

Get in touch today to see how Fujitsu can help you with its products and services to create your roadmap for successfully implementing virtualization security solutions.

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