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Virtual Workplace Technologies

Traditional workplace architectures place a heavy burden on the IT department, involve enormous costs, and limit a company's innovative strength and competitiveness. The answer? Virtual workplace technology!

Virtual Workplace Technologies

The main cause for the high complexity of traditional workplace computing is the tight coupling between the individual components that make a desktop: hardware, operating system, applications and user personality. Breaking this tight coupling will lead to independency of these components and their lifecycles, will reduce complexity, simplify management, increase flexibility and speed, and finally reduce costs. Separating neighboring layers from each other is exactly what Virtual Client Computing stands for.

Virtualization can happen between any of the components, and the more components you separate from each other, the more advantages you can achieve. Hosting all data centrally eliminates the risk of data theft and data loss, improves security and helps meet compliance demands. Especially when using thin access devices with long lifetimes, energy consumption is reduced tremendously.

And finally, with virtual workplace technologies you can flexibly access your workplace environment anywhere and from any device - fact that will definitely attract Generation Y's digital natives.

So how do you find the right virtual workplace technologies for your business?

Fujitsu is your one-stop shop for Virtual Client Computing. Our virtual workspace approach is concerned with taking out the complexity, reducing your work effort, and the overall risk in putting all the pieces together, helping you overcome the many hurdles in realizing a successful solution according to your business needs and goals and selecting the required technologies.

Furthermore, close partnerships with market leaders like Citrix, Microsoft and VMware, enable us to use best-in-class virtualization software based on industry standards. Fujitsu's infrastructure products, such as Fujitsu PRIMERGY x86 servers, Fujitsu ETERNUS storage systems, Fujitsu FUTRO thin clients and Smart Zero Clients, represent an excellent basis for this purpose.

That's why we at Fujitsu can help.

Get in touch today to see how Fujitsu can help you find the right virtual workplace technology for your business.

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