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Mobile Security Solutions

Losing control of your mobile devices? Afraid of data breaches and non-compliance? Let's have a look at mobile security solutions!

Find the Right Mobile Security Solutions

Modern businesses are embracing the benefits that can be realized by fully utilizing the continuously evolving capabilities and power of smartphones and tablets as business tools. Mobilizing business processes can deliver significant productivity gains, but if left unmanaged then at what potential cost? Is sensitive data secure and controlled? Do the right people have access to the right mobile tools? If left unmanaged and uncontrolled, then the risks can rapidly outweigh the benefits.

So let's find the right mobile security solution for your business for you to reap all the benefits mobile technologies have to offer!

At Fujitsu, we secure your mobile communication. Enforced security that goes everywhere your data does, securing every point in your expanding mobile environment. Fujitsu is offering mobile security solutions with a breakthrough security architecture that operates at the device, application and network tiers.

Secure Tracking enforces the security policies as well as automatically detecting potential threats and intelligently adjusting security settings to mitigate risk. Secure tracking swiftly detects devices that are not adhering to the pre-defined security policy and takes agreed actions.

Secure Access. Fujitsu's Managed Mobile Services allows IT to offer mobile users secure and encrypted access to specific business applications from their smart device. It is a simple, flexible and secure way to meet the growing demand for mobile access to corporate intranet and business-critical applications.

Secure Gateway brings intelligent security to the network. Used in conjunction with Secure Access, the gateway controls access to all corporate applications, and logs all mobile application traffic for compliance and reporting purposes.

That's why we at Fujitsu can help.

Get in touch today to see how Fujitsu can help you with its products and services to create your roadmap for successfully implementing mobile security solutions.

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