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BYOD Security Solutions

You are sure you cannot afford to ignore BYOD but not sure which BYOD security solutions may take the risk out of this growing mega trend in the IT industry?

Find the Right BYOD Security Solutions

Fact is: BYOD is here to stay. More and more employees are bringing their personal smartphones and tablets in to work or looking to use them remotely to access corporate information. Also, often the BYOD mandate comes from the top, with executive level demand for iPad connectivity to access corporate email and calendar, and the CIO is under pressure to respond to this executive mandate or face a negative perception of the IT department.

Another fact is: today's increased connectivity and mobility, including the rise of BYOD culture - initiated by an influx of Generation Y employees and accelerated by the rush to enable mobile working and collaboration between global teams - are creating new security headaches and call for efficient BYOD security solutions. There is no doubt that your organization will benefit from implementing a BYOD solution.

But how do you find the right BYOD security solution to ensure your corporate data is secure if a BYOD strategy is implemented?

At Fujitsu, we offer products and solutions to help you face the challenge to protect your corporation's networks, data, and services while enabling ready access to information and faster, more efficient communication to drive productivity. Not to forget the constantly changing threat landscape and increased incidence of data breaches.

We are aware that the right BYOD security solution is an important part of your BYOD strategy and meet your security and compliance needs with role-based, device-aware and location-aware services, among others:

  • application access defined by security policies, location and device type to manage risks and protect privacy;
  • secure, trusted data centers to host your virtualized environment;
  • and finally, the option of remotely locking down and wiping out all data on corporate devices and erasing just corporate data on personal devices.

That's why we at Fujitsu can help.

Get in touch today to see how Fujitsu can help you with its products and services to create your roadmap for successfully implementing a BYOD security solution.

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