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The world is your workplace
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Workplace Technology for Talent

The Workplace for Talent

Does your work environment help you attract, develop, and retain the best talent?

Or is the next generation of leaders turned off by outmoded practices and outdated technology?

A new generation of employees is challenging traditional working practices and structures. Generation Y (born between 1982 and 2005) employees are the first of the digital natives not knowing a world without internet, they have driven the move to BYOD and Unified Communications, expecting the technology that empowers their personal lives to also enable collaboration and innovation at work.

They expect workplaces to be as flexible as they are, and they find that rigid corporate structures impede the fluid teamwork that makes the most of their skills. If you want to attract, develop, and retain the leaders of the future, you need to act now.

It is not only a matter of different generations and their different ways of living and working. It’s about creating a workplace that is modern and flexible and gives room for creativeness and innovation, which are the most valuable assets of every business.

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The Top Performer with a Twist
The FUJITSU Tablet LIFEBOOK T937 is a versatile 2 in 1 Ultrabook™ for demanding professionals with new dynamic work styles. Its ultra-thin, durable magnesium housing, just 19.8 mm height, and super lightweight design enable you to travel in comfort. With a simple flip of the super crisp, rotatable 33.8 cm (13.3-inch) FHD display with pen and touch support you can switch to tablet mode. The new backlit keyboard layout, enterprise-grade security features, pull-out LAN connector and embedded 4G/LTE let you work securely wherever you are. With the optional port replicator, with Type-C USB docking, maximum convenience in the office is ensured.
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Unlimited Usability and Productivity with 2 in 1
The FUJITSU Tablet STYLISTIC R727 with a 31.8 cm (12.5-inch) anti-glare display transforms into a full performance and full productivity notebook by simply attaching the strong yet slim magnetic keyboard. Its magnesium-aluminum housing delivers durability for business pros on the move, presenting in tablet mode or working in notebook mode anywhere you like. With the sensitive display you can naturally use a digital pen for notes or signatures on the tablet. Enterprise-grade connectivity like 4G/LTE, manageability and security features like encrypted drives and NFC-based authentication allow you to do your job wherever you want; all in confidence that your data is secure.
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Multi-Mode Productivity
The FUJITSU Tablet LIFEBOOK P727 is an ultra-light, portable 2-in-1 device with a day-long battery that enables an agile multi-mode working style. The device can handle demanding design- and illustration-based applications with ease using latest Intel processors. It ships with the Windows 10 Pro operating system and offers industry-leading palm vein authentication technology for your enterprise security needs.
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2 in 1 Uniting Mobility and Power
The STYLISTIC Q616 is a 2 in 1 based on a fanless, thin and light design in a compact package. Full-day battery life, a toughened anti-glare display that supports pen and touch. The attachable keyboard, a cradle as well as 4G/LTE and security options deliver the endurance and flexibility you need to handle your business.
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Managed Mobile

Empower the Human Centric Workplace

Fujitsu’s Managed Mobile is a complete service for managing and supporting devices, applications, and users while ensuring all security policies are consistently enforced.

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Virtual Client Services

A comprehensive desktop and application virtualization solution, designed to help you reduce IT costs, empower every individual in your workforce, and ensure robust data security.

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Workplace Security Solutions

Balance Workplace Security with Workforce Productivity

Loss or leakage of sensitive information from user devices is a major concern for any organization. IT professionals are challenged to protect corporate networks, data, and services while enabling ready access to information and faster, more efficient communication to drive productivity. And all this must be done in a constantly changing threat landscape.

Fujitsu’s comprehensive workplace security solutions can help you balance security with access and ensure your employees are as productive as possible and your organization is protected.

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Collaboration Services

Complete support for users to find and share information, enabling them to collaborate productively and cost-effectively with colleagues across the globe.

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Reducing your workplace carbon footprint – the ESPRIMO way

Date Wednesday, 30.August 2017
Author Suman Singh

A lot is changing in the working world with new models and a different work culture. The advancements in technology allow us to work from different locations at different times, and even from home. There also is the generation Y, which introduces quite different expectations to the working world compared to their predecessors. Mobility and […]

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Organizational data security, EraseDisk and end-of-life devices

Date Tuesday, 22.August 2017
Author Suman Singh

EraseDisk ensures your data does not fall into the wrong hands after end-user devices in your organization reach their end of life Ever wondered what happens to your company’s devices, such as PCs, laptops, workstations, once they reach their end of life? Most of the times these old devices are either discarded or donated; however, […]

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Is Your Organization Ready for the Future Workplace?

Date Wednesday, 26.July 2017
Author Louis Cherian

Mobile technology has dramatically changed our lives. Fast, cheap, and ubiquitous Internet connectivity makes it easier than ever to be online 24/7. As an integral part of our private lives, the technologies that enable this paradigm shift have already spread throughout the workplace. Smartphones, tablets, cloud technologies, and easy access to productivity, communications, collaboration, and […]

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What To Consider Before Buying A Business Mobile Device?

Date Monday, 17.July 2017
Author Kathrin Hofherr

Looking to equip your mobile workforce with new ultra-mobile devices? With every new generation, ultra-mobile devices are getting lighter and more powerful. To add to that, the arrival of new standards like USB Type-C and Thunderbolt promises to revolutionize connectivity (while rendering your existing peripherals obsolete). In these changing times, with a multitude of options […]

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Do More with Less and Start your Lean IT Journey Today

Date Monday, 10.July 2017
Author Salil Lawande

There are companies and there are smart companies. While ‘Rip and replace’ is one of the many options for companies that want to refresh their hardware, smart companies typically preserve budgets for projects that have more priority. Smart companies have CTOs/CIOs, IT managers and system admins that know how they can extract the maximum value […]

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Fujitsu World Tour 2018 Event ~/Images/Calendar/icon_external.png Fujitsu International

United Kingdom, London
Fujitsu World Tour is Fujitsu’s largest event, which takes place in over 25 countries worldwide. The latest UK event took place in London on the 6th of July with over 1,000 people joining us for an action-packed day. Our theme for the day was Human Centric Innovation - Digital Co-creation. Digital Co-creation is Fujitsu’s approach to innovation in a digital world, which brings together ecosystems of diverse organisations, all with complementary expertise, to co-create the solutions that will accelerate your digital transformation. We are looking forward to the 2018 event, which will be even bigger! Make a note in your diary for 12th July 2018 and look out for more information soon

Make a note in your diary for 12th July 2018 and look out for more information soon!
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Event ~/Images/Calendar/icon_external.png Fujitsu International
Germany, München
It is our great pleasure to invite you to Fujitsu Forum 2018 at the ICM in Munich. This is your opportunity to experience how digital technology and expertise can combine to create new possibilities for business and society. Fujitsu Forum 2018 will deliver an extensive program of thought leadership sessions, interactive break-out discussions, Co-creation expert talks and hands-on experiences in our exhibition area. In addition, in the spirit of Co-creation, we invite you this year to influence the themes of our break-out sessions, by sharing with us the hot topics you would like to see covered at the event. This is your chance to join a community of co-creators, sharing ideas and helping us shape the experience. Please see our event site for more details
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