Workplace Assessment

Workplace Assessment

As your business changes, your workplace must adapt. Fujitsu’s proven, standardized Workplace Assessment offers an efficient analysis of your IT workplace environment. It provides specific recommendations to improve efficiency, and supports you to clearly define business-prioritized requirements for proposed solutions.

This support and guidance starts with a tool-based, agentless analysis, conducted by a specialized consultant, which shows the current infrastructure situation. Recommendations are based on these findings and on your organization’s corporate goals. The resulting report enables you to make informed workplace strategy decisions that align with overall business objectives.

What you get

  • A detailed analysis of the true state of your workplace environment, including a classification of existing user groups and a list of all applications 
  • A clear picture of what you could achieve with the planned workplace solutions
  • Expert support to select the right workplace technologies for your organization 
  • Multivendor consultation
  • Insight into possible migration scenarios

Further Information

An ideal next step, after collecting and analyzing data about your current situation, is Fujitsu’s Managed Workplace, a cost-effective service which operates and supports IT workplaces over the entire lifecycle at a fixed price per seat.